Wednesday, July 1, 2015

87 Days! Bye Bye June

June is but merely a memory so time to take a look back on a monthly recap.  June is the first month that I have been able to be consistent with my schedule although I have missed a few OWS due to weather and going down to watch Jamie do her Ironman!!

Training weekend went very well and I'm so pleased that I went because it did increase my confidence going into the race. Work has still been very busy but I have limited my focus to training, work, sleep and Z and I feel better.  I do need to get this move done but Z is helping with all of those details and I should spend some more time with friends which I am going to try and arrange but right now sleep is my biggest priority.

Less than 90 days until the race so I've given up soda, candy, fried food and alcohol. Time to really buckle down and make sure that I put myself in the best situation possible for the race.

Swim: 29,301 yards (WOW)
Bike: 223.7 miles
Run: 6
Total: 246.34  (now we are talking)

January Totals:                                    Feb:                             March:
Swim: 9,801 meters                         18,756 yards                   8,625 meters
Bike: 43.46 miles                               123.5 Miles                    92.76 miles
Run (AlterG): 7.16 miles                    13.5 (Alter G)                24.8 miles
Total Miles: 56.71                           Total Miles: 147.6              Total: 122.92 miles

April Totals:                            May Totals
Swim: 7,464 yards               Swim: 7191 yards
Bike: 67.58 miles                  Bike: 44.3
Run: 53.58 miles                   Run: 4
Total miles: 125.4             Total Miles: 58.07