Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ahh 3 MONTHS until Eagleman

March 8th, 2014.  Holy crap, it is 3 months until Eagleman.  Color me freaked out!

Big plans of workouts for the weekend have been derailed at least for Saturday and I am frustrated, worried and annoyed.   The weather here in NYC is gorgeous today so I was pumped to get in a nice 10 mile run in the morning, head to a 12:30 swim class and then hit the park on the bike later.  I had some errands to run as well because Sunday's plan is even busier!  About 5 miles into my lovely run through Central Park I started having pain in my foot and not my surgery foot but other foot.  Cue annoyance.

I really wanted 10 miles but the pain got pretty intense and I realized my body was trying to tell me something so I stopped at 7.  I then took myself straight to the shoe store to get another fit and test out some new shoes.  My right foot bothered me some during the marathon back in November but at that time it was very overshadowed by my left foot. I did have the podiatrist at least do an xray at that time to make sure there was no stress fracture and he recommended rest.  Obviously with my surgery I had plenty of rest, annoying, long, frustrating, fitness losing rest.

My treadmill runs have been doing extremely well, the 5K last weekend was the first major outside run and that went well.  What is it about 5 miles?  And why on the most beautiful day of training does it have to act up.  I spent two miles of the run not even enjoying the weather but beating myself up about not training well enough, not foam rolling enough, not being in better shape at this point.  Frustration is at an all time high.

I have a pair of New Balance shoes to try now for a couple weeks based off the store's return policy.  I also got some inserts for them and I think I need to find myself a better foot roller because J thinks it could be my tendon.  I also got a recommendation to try Hoka shoes which I think I will go test out one night this week.   I iced it and took a nap instead of my planned activities but I had to walk up to Asphalt Green to get my pass card for the swim class and just the walk was painful.

Things can only get better from here, at least I have some time to get things like blogging and schedule making done.  Tomorrow is a busy, busy day!  Swim at 6:30am then Compu trainer class at 11 and then spin and core class at 2:30pm.

Running: 52 miles
Biking: 12 hours/ 12 miles
Swimming: 9000 meters
Strength Training: 15 sessions

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