Monday, May 26, 2014


May 8th, 2014 was an important date for two reasons, the first anniversary of the day we lost Packy and one month until Eagleman.  I found that to be especially fitting for me as Packy has been there with my through every single day of training in the form of his bracelet, Captain America shirt, random memories and even just moments when it feels that he is pushing me not to give up.

Is there a proper way to mark the anniversary of someone passing?  If there is I am not sure I have figured it out.  I thought about him a lot that day but I do most days, I sent cupcakes to his sister so she knew I was thinking about her, I meant to write a blog post but we see how well I am doing with that!  I think that each day we honor the memory of those we have lost but living our lives in such a manor to carry on their name or in such a way that would make them immensely proud. I think to think Packy would be pretty impressed at my training and hopefully completing a half IronMan.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to help make a difference in the realm of colon cancer and Crohns.  I really need to get into looking for some races to benefit those causes.  I think building tolerance and understanding of Crohns is extremely important but I need to think of a good way that I can make a difference in that arena.  Any ideas please let me know!

Love you and miss you Packy!

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