Sunday, January 12, 2014

Less than 5 months to Eagleman!!

The thought occurred to me this past week that the 5 month mark to June 8th had passed rather unceremoniously as I was sick and super busy at work this week.   If I am going to be completely honest with myself I am no where near where I planned or wanted to be but I think my expectations were unrealistic.   Recovery from surgery is taking longer than I anticipated and I need to step up the dedication after the holidays.   The goal is to swim four days a week, that needs to move from being a goal to a reality.  I need to be doing at least one spin class a week and hopefully getting some runs in addition to my two strength training work outs a week.  

I had foot surgery at the start of December which really threw off any work out plans for that month, essentially I am not that far behind as I intended to start training a month post surgery on January 6th.  My post op visit on Friday made the doctor happy and it continued to make me sad.  Turned out the cyst as not just on the tendon sheath but inside the tendon sheath so they had to go in and cut that sheath causing some extra recovery.  I am cleared to try running on the treadmill which I plan to attempt tomorrow.  If my foot swells at all I'm supposed to stop running but all I can think about is my half marathon scheduled at the end of the month.   Luckily it does seem that my work outs with Rachel are not really causing swelling at all although I need to get some new gym shoes as my current ones are a little worse for the wear.

Let's talk swimming!  Swimming is my weakest sport and it is extremely frustrating to me.  Today I went to a swim session at Riverbank State Park which has a very nice 50 meter pool facility.  Perhaps I have told you about my last experience at a 50 meter pool and if I have you get to hear it again.  Normally I swim in 25 meter pools but one morning Rachel and I got feisty and went to Chelsea which has a nice 50 meter pool and it was packed for lap swim.  Both slow lanes were FULL, the medium lanes were crowded but the fast lane only had two people in it.  After a vote of confidence from Rachel that I could do the fast lane I jumped right in with my goggles up on my swim cap and about three stokes down had a meltdown while trying to put my goggles on but did manage to swim all the way to the end where I got out quickly.   After that no more 50 meter pools for me, until today.  It does feel good to accomplish something that make me nervous before although accomplish might be a strong word.  I think I need to set smaller swimming goals and realize it is difficult for me and smaller goals will be more easily tangible to show success.  I am pretty sure that I never made it all the way down without at least pausing but I did do a ton of laps, I really need to break out my garmin and use it next time.  I rested between every single 50 meter swim, sometimes for a little while and most times just a few minutes.

I tried my hardest to breathe out while in the water, my brain has major issues with that but I think I did it better job today.  I got two AWFUL cramps, at different times in both calves.  I will be working to drink even more water and maybe even wake up early to foam roll before swim instead of the night before.  I just have no endurance at all when it comes to swimming and it is extremely frustrating but I was in awe today of women who actually have fears of the water getting in and swimming.  It is amazing to watch people overcome their fears and work to better themselves!   I'm so proud of each and everyone of them!

Only thing to do at this point is to get my butt to the pool and put in the time and effort to get better, no more whining about it only actions!

Swimming: 1600 meters
Strength Training Workouts: 2

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