Saturday, January 18, 2014

Surgery recovery Runs

The treadmill my arch nemesis helped me come up with a blog post today.  I normally always have a very active ongoing random thought trail going on during runs and today was no different.   I wanted to do an hour which should have gotten me a solid 6 miles but my foot had other plans.  About 20 minutes in it started to bother me but I wanted to see if I could push through for at least another mile/10 minutes.   I knew I was in pain and probably making faces but I wanted to see if it got worse or maintained.  

After I hit 3 miles I slowed to a walk to cool down and see if my foot could put up with a few more minutes.  It become pretty apparent that it just wasn't going to happen for me today so I gave up and did my stretching.  At that point a guy who had been helping a woman use weights came over, he was pretty clearly a trainer.  He asked me what injury I was rehabing and I am sure I gave him quite a look because he goes, "Well I could see your face in the mirror when you pushed out that last mile and you looked so determined but in pain."  I laughed and explained about my foot surgery and hope to do a half marathon next weekend.  At that point the woman on the treadmill next to me goes, "that explains it, I was confused why someone who looked like they were in such good shape wasn't doing an incline or going longer than 30 minutes."

Why do we as women feel the need to always judge each other and put down accomplishments of others.  When you are at the gym and see someone working out don't judge their distance or how much weight they are lifting, instead offer some encouragement maybe even just a smile that you know what they are going through.  Everyone is doing their own work out, bettering themselves it isn't for you to judge.  Don't judge their clothes or shoes or hairstyle, you have no idea their situation and what they had to go through to get to the gym that day.   It takes so much energy to be negative and way less to be encouraging and supportive.  We as women need to do.better, we should be proud of all the moms out there who take time for themselves, we should encourage the women who are trying to lose weight, we should never put down someone else's accomplishments. 

I'll get off my soap box now.  

Run: 10 miles
Swim: 2000 meters
Strenth training: 4 sessions

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