Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FOUR months!!

I promise that a Big Sur Race report is coming but not today.

Four months from today will be Ironman Chattanooga! I'm glad that as a gift to myself today I had a great swim, I even figured out what 'breakthrough' in training peaks means and checked it.  The day really started off like any other,  except I hadn't slept well the night before so I was pretty nervous about my stamina for such a long swim. The walk to the pool was steamy due to humidity so sliding in the cool water felt amazing instead of the freezing cold sensation for most the past months.

From my first 400 warm up I felt great, everything was in sync, arms were doing what they needed to, kicking was on point, kept the core sucked in and breathing was great.  I never felt like I got out of that groove and the whole swim went by pretty quickly well except for the SPRINTS that Jax so nicely added at the end when I was already tired and whoa nelly.  I'm pretty sure my brain said to me "Why are you trying to drown?" I did get a slight cramp in my right calf during the second to last sprint but was able to get it to go away in my ten second break between sprints.

I hate single arm drills, because they suck but also because they are missing from the Garmin ;)
I do feel my swimming is improving, I would like to see the per 100 meter average go below 2 minutes but that is a lot to ask.

I will however have to change my response when people say, "What is your swim time goal for Chattanooga?" because right now I say "Not dead".  I guess it might be time to come up with a time goal.

The tool my dad built me to track my sets is so helpful because in my 8 sets of 75 I would ALWAYS lose track but now I can easily look and know which number I'm on.

All in all I am not feeling where I wanted to be at this time in my training BUT I do feel I am where I can be for what my body is allowing. Coming up in June I will be venturing to Chattanooga for a training weekend on the course and I feel like this will be the true test of my mental state.

That's all for now but I promise I have some good ideas for blog posts running around in my head and I'll post them soon! (Especially now that I know people are reading! haha)


  1. Haha! Yes you do have readers. I guess you just didn't know that. I am curious how your counter works.

    1. I'm so happy you are reading! Most of my swim workouts involve things like "10x50 sprint odds, recover evens" or "8x100 sprints" so my watch counts my overall distance for meters but I found myself having trouble counting the laps to equal 100 meters and also which number of the 8 I was on. My dad created a little abacus type device with alternating colors so I know if I am on set 2 of 10 and I should be recovering or I am on 7 of 8 and I blissfully almost done. :) I hope that helps explain.