Thursday, May 7, 2015

May!? NO WAY

The month of April was a bit difficult for me and was another month of inconsistent training, this time due to nagging foot/calf pain and a complete meltdown.

Was it crazy to sign up for an Ironman so soon after becoming a triathlete?  Probably
Is it completely INSANE to also take on a new role at work while Ironman Training? DEFINITELY

Throw in a new relationship, a need to move in to a new apartment the month before your race, timezone travel, lack of sleep and some reoccuring foot pain and BOOM you have a complete meltdown on your hands. One day I managed to throw away my license, credit card and $50 after a run because I tried to hastily clean up my apartment. This resulted in me sobbing into  my cell phone while digging through the huge trash bags in front my apartment. Luckily Z is the most patient person alive and talked me into just going back inside to order a new credit card and license.

I spent a lot of the time icing my leg to prepare for Big Sur and sleeping instead of working out. They say that rest and recovery are also important disciplines of training but when you are doing them they feel counter productive. All I could think about is the looming race which is counter productive to getting rest.

A race update for Big Sur is coming and at some point I promise to find more time to blog.

Here are the rather disappointing April Numbers; here is hoping to a more consistent May...

January Totals:                                    Feb:                             March:
Swim: 9,801 meters                         18,756 yards                   8,625 meters
Bike: 43.46 miles                               123.5 Miles                    92.76 miles
Run (AlterG): 7.16 miles                    13.5 (Alter G)                24.8 miles
Total Miles: 56.71                           Total Miles: 147.6              Total: 122.92 miles

April Totals:
Swim: 7,464 yards
Bike: 67.58 miles
Run: 53.58 miles
Total miles: 125.4

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