Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Six Month Countdown...Bye March

Wait, where is the calendar going?  The days are FLYING by, what do you mean I will be doing an Ironman in less than 6 months?

March was a dicey month with travel and sickness.  We were away at the beach which was FABULOUS at the start of the month and then in the middle drove down to my family's home to celebrate my birthday.  While we were away for my birthday I wasn't feeling my best and turns out I had a sinus infection which severely hampered my training efforts obviously as I just struggled to breathe and work. I would love to have a solid month of training under my belt sooner than later.

I need to be better about blogging as well! I have tons of topics floating around my head but with work and trying to keep myself on my training schedule I'm stretched a little thin.

Nutrition changes are going very well and I need to sit down and write what I have changed up so far and how I think it is impacting me.  I need to be better about this in the long run but I'm starting small to make sure I stick with it.

I need to stay healthy for April, hit more of my workouts and blog more!  Updates to come :)

January Totals:
Swim: 9,801 meters
Bike: 43.46 miles
Run (AlterG): 7.16 miles
Total Miles: 56.71 

February Totals
Swim :18,756 yards
Bike: 123.5 miles
Run (Alter G) 13.5 Miles
Total Miles: 147.6 (now I just need to do most of that distance in one day :-P)

March Totals:
Swim: 8,625 m
Bike: 92.76 miles
Run: 24.8 miles
Total miles: 122.92

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