Saturday, August 15, 2015

The saga of Ms Susie

Now that I have aero bars on my new bike I have run into quite the issue while doing longer rides.  PAIN.  I'm not talking a little bit of pain, I'm talking raw, chaffing, extreme pressure.  Ms Susie is NOT happy and if Ms Susie ain't happy, ain't no one happy.  I began the search to find a solution to this issue a few weeks ago to no avail.

Last weekend during my 70 miler I came to a completely breaking point, during part of the ride I couldn't even sit in the seat it hurt so badly. After sitting with some frozen peas I decided I needed to take immediate action to ensure that I was able to complete my Century Ride this weekend.

I realized that my kit shorts were feeling pretty baggy which means they tend to shift and bunch a lot while I am riding, I think I shouldn't have ordered mediums on top of the fact I have lost weight/body fat recently.  On a few trainer rides I tried other shorts I bought last year but nothing was able to fix the pressure.  I ended up ordering bike shorts from Coeur because they were highly recommended on several boards. Another friend suggested Fushion shorts and I ordered a pair of those too.

I also read up online about seats including a very informative article on the Cobb Cycling site that I HIGHLY recommend for anyone having issues.

Their female fit specialist is extremely responsive and I ended up rush ordering a Plus seat. My bike mechanic, other wise known as Z was able to watch several online videos and we got the seat all set up.  I did a very short spin on it and I think it will be MUCH better for my ride.  The opening in the seat is very much at the right spot and I felt that I could get fully down into aero without any pressure or pain. 

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