Saturday, August 15, 2015

Coeur Shorts Review

Due to my Ms Susie saga I found myself in the market for some new shorts and I decided this time I need to spend a bit of money to get some very nice shorts. Coeur was a brand highly recommend by the Ironwilled Women Who Tri group as well as other women on several boards I frequent so they seemed like a logical choice.

I ordered the cycling shorts in the Supernova design and when they arrived the first thing I noticed was the quality of the fabric.  They were very soft and shiny, I was excited to test them during my hour spin session.  Once I got them on the first thing I noticed is they were quite short although I am all leg so on someone of normal height they might be the perfect length.  The big issue is that there were no grips around the leg openings and when I started to cycle the already short shorts rode up on each leg. I ended up trying to pull them down while riding and I have no idea how I could manage them on a long ride.

The chamois is very nice and I really like that it goes all the way to the legs and is seamless but for the price paid I was extremely disappointed.  I will be returning this pair, however someone mentioned that the tri shorts do have the grips so I have ordered a pair to test out.

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