Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Oh wow, 26 days until the race!  I was doing pretty well nerves wise but over the weekend I had my second bike accident in as many months and I'm pretty beat up.

I thought the crash in July was bad timing but this crash during build weeks is DEFINITELY bad timing. I'm nursing some pretty disgusting roadrash on my shin and hip coupled with cuts on my ankle, knee and hand.  To be more accurate, Z is nursing some brutal cuts on my leg and hand :) I could not be doing this without him!

The shirts for the sherpa support team have come in and I will let you get a sneak peak at the front but I'm keeping the back a secret.

Bib numbers were released this week and I will be lucky number 1098 which is either the code for a jailbreak or a tax form depending on which of my parents you talk to :)

I have also rented myathletelive which is supposed to be better at tracking me during the even itself so be on the look out for instructions on how to keep track of me on race day in 26 DAYS!!

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