Sunday, November 22, 2015

NYC MARATHON Tips and Tricks

The NYC Marathon was definitely an amazing experience, I have never in any of my races had so many people cheering. The energy in the city is definitely electric!

Start Village Recommendations
1) take the bus from midtown, it is the most orderly and warm option
2) Bring food, eat your normal breakfast but bring more food you may be in the start village for 3 hours; save your pre race nutrition for the normal 45 minute window before the start
3) Wear clothes you can donate to good will
4) find somewhere to sit that is blocked by the wind and bring plastic to sit on

I was a bit disappointed to find that my wave had to run on the bottom level of the Verrazano bridge but it was still an amazing view. I really think that this race, much like Big Sur should be run for the experience not for a speedy time. If you have people cheering find out what side of the road they will be on and the approx mile number or you will never see them!

First 10 mile recommendations
1) Wear your name on your shirt, people are always looking for names to yell
2) High 5 the little kids along the side
3) Enjoy the bands, singers, and choirs in Brooklyn
4) Watch out for the pot holes and uneven roads
5) The cups are very slippery, watch your footing through aid stations

I felt fabulous the first 10 miles, although when I saw coach around mile 8 she said I wasn't hydrated enough so I tried to drink more water after. Frankly the porta potty lines were so LONG I was trying to avoid having to pee.  **if you can make it to the porta potties under the Queensboro Bridge there was no wait at all! Highly recommend**

Second 10 mile recommendations
1) It gets a bit boring in Queens but you are there for a short time
2) The Queensboro Bridge is quite a hill but don't fall out here, walk if you need to
3) The energy off the bridge is amazing and will give you life but remember you have a ways to go still!
4) the back half of this marathon is deceptively hilly
5) If you have specific nutrition you can arrange for someone to have it waiting for you

I had a lot of trouble with nutrition, energy and pains the back half.  It was really my own fault as I hadn't run much since the Ironman and it would seem my energy stores were not up to where they should be in my muscles. My stomach started growling about 10 miles in even though I had followed my normal nutrition plan to a T.

Last 6.2
1) Bronx has some fabulous music to get you grooving
2) Once back into Manhattan, 5th ave is just a steady up hill for almost an entire mile
3) SALT!!  The weather this year threw a lot of people, I was handing out my base salts left and right
4) Getting in to the Park is decieving, as you leave the park and go back in for the finish
5) There is a small hill towards the finish, save your energy!

Thankfully I saw my friend Shawna around mile 20 when I was hurting and a bit frustrated realizing I wasn't going to make my time goal.  I literally jumped on her, luckily she is strong :)  She ran with me for a little while in her regular clothes/boots even though she had her own marathon coming up in a couple weeks!

I think the best part of the race is having lived here so I had memories in each borough not to mention knowing so many people along the course both cheering and running.  If you can get in and pay the crazy fee this race is definitely worth doing once although I'm not sure I will run it again.

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