Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wow, where did 2016 go?

After years of blogging consistently I fell off the bandwagon, frankly I also fell off the workout wagon and despite many attempts to get back on most of 2016 was a blur.  As I sat to write I felt pretty unaccomplished in 2016 but in reality I did accomplish a lot just not anything that involved a shiny medal.

The year started off in the throes of a HUGE project at work, actually perhaps project doesn't do it justice. It was a Program, multiple projects touching many areas of the business in a vastly accelerated timeline. This was unlike anything I had ever set out to accomplish before and I learned so much throughout the process but it was the result of many late nights and weekends spent working.

In May after many months of burning the candle at both ends I had a bit of a health issue which landed me in the hospital for several days. After months of tests and feeling less than 100% it was determined I had contracted a delightful parasite during our Jamaica trip in March likely from undercooked bacon. I spent most of the summer recovering with virtually no extra workout energy as I launched my work program.

By late fall I still wasn't feeling myself and started down the path of more doctors to determine the issue to no avail.  The biggest lesson I learned is I hate doctors and you must be your own advocate connecting symptoms and pushing when the doctors will not listen to you. It wasn't until 2017 that I finally found a cause for the exhaustion.

It was also a year of personal growth for me, I guess they all are really!

In the fall after much debate and weighing of options I gained the confidence to take a leap and apply to the executive MBA program at Columbia.  I attended an information session in September was even more energized to get my application filed as soon as possible for rolling early admission.  I had to deal with my standardized test nightmares and take the Executive Assessment test which is a fairly new test, a 90 minute version of the GMAT with an integrated reasoning section instead of a writing component.

The year ended on an exciting note as I took my mom on a cruise just the two of us to celebrate her retirement.  We spent seven days touring islands in the Caribbean, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

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