Sunday, February 9, 2014


Yesterday passed rather uneventfully until I realized it was FOUR, yes FOUR short months until EAGLEMAN.  Cue freak out of epic proportions about not feeling ready.

Last week was actually a really productive work out week and I felt a little confident going into my swim Saturday morning.  I met with some ladies up at Riverbank park to utilize the 50 meter pool, my arch nemesis. I feel that swimming ALWAYS goes better when you have people with you but I was still super antsy about the length of that pool.  54th street where I normally swim is not even really a 25 meter pool and I am always searching for that wall.  Last time I swam at Riverbank was almost a month ago and I had to stop in the middle of every. single. lap.  Disappointing.

This Saturday I was feeling pretty pumped after swimming two mornings during the week and feeling as though I was making progress albeit small.  The first lap I actually made it to the end of the 50 meters without feeling like I was going to drown or having to stop!  2000 meters later it was a mixed bag but I think if I am being honest with myself I have made progress.  My mom always told me that I am my own worst critic and that I am always too hard on myself.   I tried to focus on breathing steadily and not freaking out.  I don't feel I am anywhere near ready to do multiple 50 meter laps without stopping but if I keep putting in the time hopefully I will feel that way by the April sprint.  I actually wonder sometimes how much is my own head knowing a wall is coming and searching for it rather than actually needing it.

Sunday I attended a great seminar on Bikes at Brands Cycle in Wantagh.  It was weird to be back on the Long Island Railroad again, when they announced the Long Beach train I felt like I should be on it.  The seminar was really awesome and made me really excited to ride OUTSIDE!  I got bike shoes, clips and pedals but at some point really soon I need to schlep my bike out there and have those great guys put my pedals on my bike and make sure my fit still works.  They were so informative and helpful even when I was trying on shoes, I highly recommend their shop for all your bike needs.

Running is improving, my foot seems to like running intervals on the treadmill so I am sticking with that for now.  No need to cause any more pain than necessary! I also ordered a new pair of shoes to use for my trainer sessions that do not have a seam across the toe box so hoping that will assist with the foot issues during burpees and planks!  Progress my friends, sometimes it is slow but it is beautiful.

Big week planned this week, more swimming practice, spin class and some interval runs then home for my sister's baby shower so I will have a little trouble getting in my weekend work outs but I'll see what I can do at mom and dads.

Running: 26 miles
Biking: 6 hours
Swimming: 5200 meters
Strength Training: 9 sessions

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