Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sleep with the fishes

Well hopefully I will not be sleeping with any fishes or seeing any dead bodies that are currently in the East River. In order to raise money for the Never Give Up 26 foundation (  I will be swimming from Brooklyn to Manhattan on July 20th.

Yes, me the person who just started swimming in November and who cried when her hands were dirty with cookie dough until her mom washed them will be swimming in the East River. I'm definitely a bit nervous about going in the gross water and also the current but I am looking forward to meeting the challenge.  This year is about confronting and moving past fears and this race will be high on that list!

Another fear has been my bike, I love riding it on the trainer where there is absolutely no possibility of falling off and spin class is delightful.  Well this weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and my bike and I did two loops of Central Park.  Oh wow, getting on and off are my two biggest fears followed closely by the curvy areas of the park.  I managed to not fall off and actually had fun going around.  The second lap was much better after I got more comfortable with it and wasn't so nervous about going too fast. When I first got on the bike I thought to myself for a second, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING? WHY DID YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS?

Luckily I had the ladies of AWTT (more on that later) and they made me feel comfortable and pushed me to keep going.  After a quick couple of minutes the nerves were better and I was feeling pretty excited to be feeling the wind in my face.  Although I could do without all the darn tourists just randomly walking in front of me while I am trying to climb harlem hill.  It will be a while before I am whipping around the park but it was very successful!

Swimming is well it is swimming.  I hate it, with a passion but I signed up for a Tri Stroke Clinic at Asphalt Green and I am really excited about it.  I feel like I get so many different opinions and recommendations on this and it gets hard to know what to do but I feel frustrated I'm not getting better faster.  I'm hoping some specific guidance will help not only my stroke but also my confidence.

Ok that is enough for now!

Running: 37 miles
Biking: 8 hours/ 12 miles
Swimming: 7000 meters
Strength Training: 13 sessions

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