Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you dating anyone?

Friday is my rest day and also pretty much the only day I ever head out to do something outside of my general, workout, work, workout, stuff my face, sleep schedule. This past Friday a particularly nosy co-worker who shall remain nameless asked me about 15 questions about if I was dating anyone, why I wasn't dating and then lectured me that if I didn't go out more often I would end up an old spinster.  Frankly I was rather annoyed and thought a few other choice words I don't want to write BUT she gave me an idea for a blog so I guess, "Thank you annoying, mean coworker."

My schedule this week...
I use dry erase boards to keep my schedule on my fridge with my 70.3 magnet to remind me why my schedule looks insane. So, yes annoying co-worker I actually am dating someone. I am dating a woman who has big dreams and goals of completing two 70.3 races this year and we actually decided to make our relationship more solid and plan a 140.6 race for 2015. We are extremely happy together fulfilling our own needs and wants without having to compromise our goals, sleep or schedule. Why is it so crazy to spend a period of your life more focused on yourself than finding someone else? Incidentally why should finding someone to date be more indicative of a successful life than challenging yourself to learn a new discipline and then complete 70.3 or 140.6 miles in one day and three sports.

My podiatrist once told me, "You know why you never want to date a triathlete?"  I said, "No, but I can't wait for this answer." He laughed and said, "they can't commit to one sport how can they commit to one person?" At the time it really made me laugh, a little doctor humor as he was being supportive of my switch to multisport training. Now, I realize why it is difficult to date a triathlete because they are too busy training in multiple disciplines or foam rolling after a week of intense work outs or sleeping because they are completely exhausted. That isn't to say it is impossible to date me or any other triathlete but let's just say my standards are a bit higher these days.  So pals, lovely friends of mine if you are thinking of setting me up here are my requirements these days:

1)Must love the smell of chlorine mixed with biofreeze; bonus points for being able to apply biofreeze before bed
2)Know how to wield a foam roller or lacrosse ball to get out all my muscle knots
3)LOVE waking up
4)Enjoy seeing me with crazy, frizzy hair from being washed twice a day almost every day
5)Not mind that I am pretty much ALWAYS in sneakers
6)Be able to hold their own on a run, or maybe a swim, or maybe a bike trainer session
7)Let me sleep when I have the time to sleep
8)Give good massages
9)Listen to me talk constantly about strength training, swimming, biking, running, shoes, race nutrition, race locations, well you get the idea
10)Come to every single race to cheer me on and carry my shit

BONUS: Squats make me look nice in my Tri suits :-)

For now I will stay content dating this fabulous woman I know who has decided to focus on herself and her fiercely independent streak to achieve some amazing dreams that she never knew she had until recently.  I will be selfish but guess what it won't be considered selfish because I only have myself to answer to and I'm pretty damn happy right now. 

Thanks for letting me get that one off my chest :)

Running: 20 miles
Biking:  4 hours
Swimming: 2800 m
Strength Training: 7 sessions

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