Thursday, February 5, 2015

What does impressive even mean?

This is going to be a bit stream of conscious so I apologize ahead of time.

Today after a rather trying day at work I was invited to happy hour which of course I declined by saying I had swim tonight so I couldn't go.  The person said "oh are you training for something?".  I said, "yes, an ironman." My coworker responded, "Wow that is so great, you are extremely impressive."  Here's the thing I was NOT feeling impressive today, I wasn't even feeling semi-impressive.

I woke up this morning and started my day as I have the past week, with 100 bicycle crunches, hey I'm going to the beach in three weeks and sometimes you have to be concerned with the vanity muscles :-) I must say though I am not noticing much of a difference.

I headed to Performance Health to run on the Alter G for 30 minutes and three miles later I was feeling pretty good. Off to work where well let's leave the details out but say it has been challenging lately.

After work it was manual therapy at 7pm, you might think oh that sounds like a massage, Katrina you are crazy that sounds delightful.  No, no it is not delightful.  Over the past several months Jason, my therapist has unceremoniously torn my tendons apart from one another after they fused together.  Generally I wither in pain and leave with bruised skin and actual finger impressions.  Today after messing with the foot for a bit he moved to a calf cramp that has been plaguing me.  Don't get me wrong after I feel better, during I wonder what the heck I'm doing to myself while trying not to try to punch him. After I get this body buffing thing which is kind of relaxing and at least dulls the pain, then I had to sort my schedule which many times feels like another job.

At this point I was exhausted and NOT feeling like swimming, it was freezing, I was tired and in pain. I texted my delightful coach to tell me to get my butt to the pool and she obliged.  Dragging myself to the tram to Roosevelt island it was freezing and I thought to myself in September this is the night you are going to think back to and know you are ready.  You are dragging yourself to the pool because you have a goal and a dream and you have to put in the time to get there even on the days you don't want to.

Swimming just doesn't provide me the stress relief of other work outs and I don't understand why.  For 1600 meters in between horrible coughing fits I tried to convince myself that the water was washing away the worries of the day.  It wasn't the prettiest but it wasn't the worst and hey it was a work out completed.

When I got back to my locker I had a simple text that made me smile, "How was your swim?"  I have a sherpa, he even timed my intervals during my trainer session yesterday, I'm so lucky. I'm pretty sure I would not be so happy if I didn't have him helping me to keep balance.

Then I came home to a card from my first and most loyal sherpa, MOMMY.

Today I didn't feel impressive. I did suck it up and go workout even though I just wanted to sleep,  does that make me impressive?  I certainly think the people in my life that support me and deal with me on a regular basis are impressive.

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