Saturday, December 7, 2013

No Sleep til BROOKLYN A May 2013 Race Review

My current half marathon race PR comes courtesy of the Brooklyn half marathon in May.  It came right after Packy's death and I swear that part way through I felt Packy there pushing me along.   It was my first race with my never give up bracelet and it had a very powerful effect on me when I finished it faster than any other race.

This race started in Prospect Park and ended down in Coney Island which was still recovering from Superstorm Sandy.  Jamie and I started off together as we always do but with the exception of the first race we hadn't finished one together.  We both had really high hopes for this race.   It was an awkward temp and in the park was actually rather humid.  About mile 6 I learned something very important about myself after taking a glass of Gatorade at a water stop.  I can NOT drink anything other than water during a race.  I made Jamie leave me behind because it was clear she was kicking my butt!  At mile 9 along the Ocean Parkway stretch I threw up the Gatorade and after that I felt so much better.  It wasn't until I got up to the closer to the board walk that I realized I could be under 2:30 and I sprinted the heck out of it.   I realized that I had a lot left in the tank, I should have put more effort into the whole race and finished even faster.   We are re-doing this race in 2014 as well looking to blow our previous best times out of the water!

A new PR!

We aspire to always have fun during races.

NEVER give up!!

So happy with our times but realizing the weather has gotten COLD!

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