Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rock and Roll and 6.2 miles- An October Race Recap

A 10k is a race distance I never completed until October 2013 a full year after my first ever race.  I really just jumped into running with both feet and started immediately with a half marathon, probably not highly recommended but I believe in going big or going home.   This was my first ever Rock and Roll race series race and I have to say I was a little disappointed although I didn't really stay at the race festival.    There were a few bands along the course but not as much music as was expecting.

The weather wasn't bad at all and I was primed for a PR, I know it was my first time running the distance so technically any time would have been a PR but I set a goal based off my training runs in that distance.  I wanted to be under an hour, I didn't say how much under an hour but just less than 1:00.

The race was in Prospect Park in Brooklyn an area I have run in a few times for the Brooklyn half and with my friend A who is new to running.  The air was crisp and cool that morning and I had to wake up extra early to take mass transit.  I was meeting up with both A and JM (I have too many people with the first initial J in my life.)  After the race the plan was to skip the festival and head to brunch with unlimited mimosas!

Ready to go!
I had a good feeling and I went to my corral but as soon as I got across the finish line I regrated not updating my corral placement based off my training.  When I signed up for the race having never completed a 10K I put down a finish time of 1:20.  I know, I know I should have adjusted at the expo which you could do but I didn't even think about it.  In reality it showed me that I need to have more confidence in myself and my training and skills but that's another realization for another time!  The start of the race took a very tight right hand turn which for me was complicated by the fact a lot of people were already WALKING in front of me.  I was able to get into a good groove after that and at the first mile I had a 9:45 pace which was great for me.  I looked at about 1.5 miles and realized I was running at an 8:26 pace after an internal yelling session I slowed that pace to a more respectable 9:35, I have no idea what I was thinking!

The hill in Prospect Park is not as big as Harlem hill but it of course came near the very end of the race.  The best part was the Black Girls Run ladies cheering along the hill.  When I looked down at my watch and realized I was close I kicked it into high gear and when I looked down crossing that finish line I felt AMAZING, exhausted but amazing. 
That is the fastest pace I have sprinted .29!
Afterward we went to brunch at Rustic in Brooklyn which was really good, once they actually brought out my steak and eggs but at least we kept the mimosas coming!  I love Saturday races because I feel it lets you enjoy the day more without the concern for work the following day.  I also officially got to join BGR and meet some amazing women who have become great friends!  Many of them are just as crazy about exercise and working out as me :)

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