Tuesday, December 10, 2013

West Coast, beautiful scenery, wine and a race...A september 2013 Race review

Once we signed up for the Virginia Wine Country we got emails from the Race Coordinators, Destination Races.   On the exact same day J and I got an email from Destination Races about a wine country race for Labor Day, we emailed each other at the exact same time saying we should sign up!  A Labor day vacation trip was born!

This was my first ever trip to the West Coast and I was hoping to extend the trip to drive down the Pacific coast highway but real life got in the way and I needed to come back to NY to move into my new apartment.   We flew out Friday night after work and arrived about midnight local time to drive to our hotel.  As with most of our running adventure travel the GPS hates us and we took a roundabout way to arrive at our hotel but once we got there a good nights sleep was had by all!

Saturday was spent a race packet pick up and then exploring Portland as well as seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time, it was FREEZING!

It was absolutely beautiful that morning, the sun rising over the mountains.   The race started off pretty well, I kept up with crazy J for a while but at one point I just lost it.  Her training in Denver beat my training at sea level when it came to lung endurance.  Plus if I'm being really honest with myself my training had not been the most consistent leading up to the race with all my packing and moving stress.

The course while extremely beautiful had some areas of gravel that were terrible, not small gravel like the reservoir where I run often but big huge rocks.  I had some trouble on the rocks and managed to roll my ankle a little, which coincidentally was my left one and the foot where my cyst appeared about a month later.  No idea if it is related.

J smoked that course something terrible.  I did my usual time, sometimes it is extremely frustrating to me that I feel no matter how much effort and time I put into training I always finish somewhere in the 2:30 ball park.  I guess I should be happy I'm consistent but part of my always wonders why I can't break through that barrier.

We did a wine tour afterwards and I learned of my extreme love for Oregon Pino Noir, YUM!  Another wonderful family trip.

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