Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome, an intro to Running

Hello and welcome.

Let's start with a little intro to my running obsession.  In March 2012 I was turning 30, my lovely best friend Siobhan had really gotten into running and she really wanted to do a diva half marathon on Long Island.  Seeing as how I was living up here it seemed only natural to her that I join her in this endeavor.  After much convincing I agreed to run my first half marathon on October 7, 2012 and not wanting to experience this fun alone and asked my friend Jamie to join us.   I attempted to start "training" in April and by training I mean just running a couple blocks.

Those first few weeks of running made me feel terrible about myself, I couldn't get two blocks before I was completely out of breath and thinking about quitting.  I got into the swing of things and it took me forever to be able to run a full mile without having to stop.   I kept adding small amounts every week but it was slow going progress and I HATED running, with an intense passion.  Running was never something I enjoyed but Siobhan had such passion for it and I was convinced I would do this race and that was it.   I downloaded a bunch of different training plans and tried my best to follow them from week to week.

End of August came and I went on a business trip for two weeks for work so I didn't have much time to run, when I came back my grandpa passed away and cue another time for no real running.   The week before the half marathon I decided if I could go out and run 10 miles I would be ok to run the race.   I went out and started running, at the end of 10 miles I was in so much pain but I knew I could do the full 13.1.

Race day we all met up and I was excited by pretty nervous.  Jamie and I did the whole race together, mile 9 sucked but other than that it was ok.  2 hours and 35 minutes later we finished and I had been bitten by the running bug.   My first race PR!  I felt so sore after the race, I could barely stand up or sit down for that matter but about a week later Jamie and I were searching for our next race.

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